Our Story

History of formation and prominence of Hibachi Express

Hibachi Express is a prominent name in the landscape of Japanese cuisine in Florida, renowned for its vibrant hibachi-style cooking and expansive menu that includes sushi, yakisoba, and more. Since its inception, Hibachi Express has carved out a niche for itself by delivering an authentic and enjoyable dining experience. The story of Hibachi Express begins with a vision to introduce quick-service Japanese cuisine to a wider audience, focusing on freshness, affordability, and rapid service.

Founded by culinary enthusiasts with a passion for Japanese culture and food, Hibachi Express was established with the goal of bringing traditional Japanese cooking techniques to the fast-paced lifestyle of modern diners. This business model has allowed Hibachi Express to thrive in various locations across Florida, including urban centers and smaller towns.

What sets Hibachi Express apart from its competitors is not just its food but also its dedication to customer service and a keen use of technology in enhancing the dining experience. Unlike many traditional restaurants, Hibachi Express emphasizes speed without compromising the quality of its dishes, which has been a key factor in its appeal and success.

Success Story

The road to success for Hibachi Express has not been without its challenges. Initially, the concept of quick-service Japanese food was unfamiliar to many Americans, which required significant effort in educational marketing and customer engagement. The restaurant chain also faced logistical challenges, from sourcing authentic ingredients to training staff in Japanese cooking techniques.

Despite these hurdles, several factors have been instrumental in the success of Hibachi Express. Firstly, the unwavering commitment to food quality has ensured that every dish served meets a high standard of taste and freshness. Hibachi Express sources its ingredients carefully and prepares meals in a way that honors traditional Japanese methods while catering to local tastes.

Customer service is another pillar of their business strategy. Each location focuses on creating a welcoming atmosphere where diners can enjoy a meal in a friendly and efficient environment. Staff are trained to handle inquiries and provide service that goes beyond the norm, ensuring that every visit is memorable.

An effective marketing strategy has also played a crucial role. Hibachi Express has adeptly utilized digital marketing to reach a broader audience, employing social media platforms, SEO-optimized content, and online advertising to engage with both new and returning customers.

From these experiences, Hibachi Express has learned valuable lessons about adaptability, customer engagement, and the importance of maintaining quality in both food and service. These lessons continue to guide the chain as it expands and innovates.


Hibachi Express's journey is a testament to the power of passion, innovation, and resilience in the competitive restaurant industry. With a commitment to high-quality Japanese cuisine, exceptional customer service, and a dynamic business approach, Hibachi Express has established itself as a beloved dining destination in Florida.

For anyone seeking an authentic and enjoyable Japanese dining experience, Hibachi Express offers a variety of dishes cooked to perfection. We invite you to visit your nearest Hibachi Express and discover why so many customers keep coming back. Whether you're a sushi aficionado or a newbie to Japanese cuisine, Hibachi Express promises a culinary adventure that's rich in flavors and steeped in culture.