Privacy Policy

Welcome to Hibachi Express's Privacy Overview

Hello from Hibachi Express, where we marry exquisite flavors with the highest standards of privacy. Our commitment to protecting your personal information is unwavering, embodied in a Privacy Policy built on transparency and the safeguarding of your privacy. Enjoy our culinary delights with the assurance that your data is secure with us.

Your Digital Footprint

As you explore our website, we discreetly monitor digital indicators like your IP address and browsing habits. This process is not intrusive but a means to refine our services and website to better suit your taste preferences, enhancing your digital experience with us.

The Role of Cookies

Just as we carefully prepare our dishes, our website uses cookies to remember your preferences and provide a smoother online visit. These digital markers are key to personalizing your experience, ensuring every visit is as enjoyable as the last.

Collaborating with Third Parties

To improve our services, we sometimes collaborate with external parties for website maintenance and marketing activities. These partners may access your data strictly for these purposes, maintaining privacy at every turn.

Data Protection: Our Top Priority

Safeguarding your personal information is paramount, akin to protecting our unique recipes. We implement strong security measures, though we recognize the challenges of absolute digital security.

Exploring Other Culinary Worlds

Navigating from our site may lead you to other dining experiences through external links. While chosen with care, their privacy practices are not under our jurisdiction. We advise reviewing their policies for your protection.

Privacy Policy Updates

Like our evolving menu, our Privacy Policy may change. We'll promptly share updates here, keeping you informed of our latest privacy standards.

We're at Your Service

For questions or feedback about our privacy practices, don't hesitate to contact us at (813) 991-9242. We're eager to discuss your privacy concerns, ideally over a delicious meal!