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People talk about us: Hibachi Express

1. Melissa G.

Hibachi Express is the perfect spot when you're craving an Eastern dish that has the comforting taste of a home-cooked meal. I absolutely adore their rock shrimp tempura, and their fried dumplings (gyoza) are delicious. Picking up my order was incredibly easy and quick. As I waited, I found myself captivated by the charming decor of the place. The ambiance is cozy and has a quaint, historic feel to it. I'm definitely planning to return soon.

2. Jamie J.

Every time I order, whether it’s through Uber Eats or dining in, the food from this place is unbelievably spot-on! The portions are perfect, everything arrives warm, fresh, and incredibly tasty. They’ve never let me down! Whether I dine in or pick up, the customer service is always exceptional. They consistently prepare my food quickly, every single time.

I would have given 5 stars if the cleanliness of the restaurant were better. The only downside is the sticky floors and tables that need wiping down. A little clean-up would definitely earn this spot a full 5 stars!

3. Kristina S.

I was searching for a quick dinner option late at night and discovered that this place was open. The atmosphere was a bit dark and uninviting. However, the quality and quantity of the food were excellent for the price. I ordered the chicken and steak, both of which were full of flavor. I recommend opting for takeout and calling ahead, as the service can be a bit slow.

4. Jessica R.

Although I'm not usually keen on hibachi, this place is my top choice for hibachi takeout. I've never dined in, but I've had their delivery several times, and the food always arrives steaming hot and fresh. Everything has consistently been delicious, and I particularly appreciate their compartmentalized containers, they're perfect for taking leftovers to work for lunch the next day.

5. Debbie J.

We were pleasantly surprised! My niece and I ate here for the first time last week after receiving a menu with coupons in the mail and decided to try something new. Although she doesn’t eat seafood, we found chicken options like the Chicken Tempura roll, which was exceptional. As for me, I prefer sushi with soy paper instead of seaweed, and I was thrilled to find they offered it here. I'm not a sushi expert, but I do enjoy tuna sushi. I tried the Crazy Tuna roll with soy paper, and it was fantastic! Even my niece, who typically avoids seafood, tried a bite and liked it so much that she asked for another. After enjoying our initial choices, we were so delighted that we ordered two more rolls—the regular Tuna roll and the American Roll. Both were tasty, but we agreed that next time we'd stick to our favorites, the Crazy Tuna and Chicken Tempura rolls. We also had pork gyoza and spring rolls as appetizers, which were both delicious. The meal left us very satisfied and full! We can't wait to return. The staff was also incredibly friendly and patient while we decided on our order. 

6. Adam R.

My youngest brother turned me onto this place after he visited daily during a few weeks he spent in Wesley Chapel, sparking my curiosity to give it a try.

I'm typically cautious about takeout from hibachi spots, but this place really holds its own! I ordered the chicken teriyaki for lunch, which impressively came with three yum yum sauces and a can of Coke, all for under $10. Both the quality and the portions were excellent. Given the value and the generous servings, this restaurant has definitely earned a spot in my regular lineup whenever I'm in the area.

7. Patrick B.

This place is fantastic! I had the hibachi steak and chose the large size—it was delicious and nearly enough for two. The portion of rice was more than sufficient. I believe a large hibachi with a roll could comfortably serve two people. The 10% military discount was a nice touch as well. I'll definitely be returning.